After the Great Destruction,
Tokyo City is dominated by the demons from the darkness.
The eerie voices of demons fill the earth,
human beings must live on hiding behind the shade of
ruins or in the deep of thier shelters.
Meanwhile, one story opens at one of those shelters.
Desparate cries echo, the scream of anger shakes the city
and you discover that it came from your soul.

偽典・女神転生 東京黙示録


Apocalypse of Pseudepigrapha : The 3rd Edition

Make your move, even if the meaning of
your earthly existence in uncertain.

Last Update:15/Jun./2003



第1章 溶けゆく希望|Home Sweet Home

第2章 這い寄る絶望|The Ones from Four Corners of the World

第3章 悪夢ふたたび|Nightmare Again: Imprisoned

第4章 狂気の街東京|Tokyo the Devastated

第5章 彼の地より来たりしもの|May God Have Mercy upon Them in an Inferno.

第6章 シンクロニシティ|Synchronicity

第7章 幻想の狭間で|Malice in Wonderland

第8章 魂の記憶|In the Depths of His Heart

第9章 冥界下り|Leave All Hope Ye that Enter.


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